Here’s a very sweet note that we received from our friends at Roswell Park Cancer Institute —

Hi Nancy & Lisa,

I am so excited to tell you what a hit the pink pillows have been and to tell you how much I have learned from patients in the process of handing them out!

I gave one of the boxes to our Rehabilitation Services team. They visit all of our post op breast patients to review the lymphedema exercises. They told me that when they go up on the inpatient floors now with the pink pillows, the nurses and the patients get excited and say “the pink pillows are here!” They also told me that when they give the pink pillows to the patients and show them how it helps with their recovery every patient says “oooh – that feels so much better!”. Needless to say they are a big hit on the surgical floors!

I kept the second box in The Resource Center we have been keeping them to give to any of the breast patients we meet. From the first breast patient I met I knew the magic of these pillows. This woman showed me her post op condition with the port and drains and incisions and told me how sore she was and didn’t know where to rest her arm. Just like on the post op floors, once she tried the pillow you could see the relief on her face. They are absolutely perfect for breast patients and bring them the exact comfort they need.

Thank you so much for your generosity and thoughtfulness and we are grateful to you for allowing us to be the ones to bring this comfort to our patients. I would love to pick up some more pillows from you whenever it is convenient.

Thank you again and looking forward to seeing you soon

Megan Doyle Battaglia
Patient Education Facilitator
Roswell Park Cancer Institute

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